Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Relationships always remain cryptic. And really make us perplexed and if serious or broken then shows the way to discontent tomorrows. I really wonder why we cannot live with out someone or when I see a person isolated or enjoying bachelorhood, I doubt is he really happy without someone. Every now and then I need a person to love and to be loved. For me world starts and ends there. And I have had a huge share of it and very strange ones too. But still unable to portray my gain from one. I have learnt to cry and laugh with my emotions when a relation spurted around me dragging me to it completely. So I should understand your pangs my friend, Sarika. Sarika , she is a typical Leo and I call her my angel friend on earth, she who is into a whirlpool of a disappointed love. I wonder how u stood against that and how you still believe in love. On phone still she laughs and smiles, sometimes silly jokes too. But aren’t you serious about your life Sarika? She tells me" I am thankful to the one who broke my heart, because he made a poet, a good reader, an optimist because I hope for tomorrow with him”・Her boyfriend had even visited her parents and assured the marriage. But took a little bit of time to realize things perhaps sometimes won’t work as planned. She had told me it is the best feeling to be kissed by your love , does that kiss pains you now? When I had been invited for a dinner at her residence on her birthday , I could see glum faces which described how badly her broken relationship had left an impact , on the table I persuaded her to agree for a marriage, still remains a unsuccessful attempt of mine. I know how much pain she had taken to fly to Hyderabad from Cochin to meet him to seek the reason for this break up. Lonely in strange taxis, strange unknown streets, finally unattended at his door steps only for this so called love. I was completely taken aback when she called and told he was there in his flat and put off the lights seemingly he is not there. His neighbor prepared food for her and gave her a wonderful hospitality; I guess her watery eyes must have smiled then. Nine year old relationship did deject her. An instant one cared and warmth her. Is love so unconditional that it comes with a tag “ Priceless” .

Friday, July 25, 2008


Haggle a soul, fix the rate and buy
But never give it to me, to hold within
My body loves to be empty, as it is and
Want to be ever..
With bated breath I see life and breathe
And disavow the self for a while
And drops the eagerness for life
See the indigo in rain drops, see the grey in tear drops
And endear the moments , as I fall in love with the
Grey moments always, hue of my belongings are black in my vision
Only yellow is yet to come..
The solitude , hidden within ,the beloved pain , that slept inside a drop
A tear drop , stopped by many laughter moments,
I need eternal bliss Krishna , the sense that you are within and hold me ever
Yes Krishna I don’t know the rest to write
I don’t know myself , even the string that connects me to you
No truly its amity , that makes me share the seasons,
Reasons of rain fall, sunshine and spring of my life…
Your dark face and eyes
Forebode me about the rest, nothing but
Knavish seasons yet to get…..

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Those slight looks of love..
those specious words of love
which spoiled me forever
those spurious promises, oh dear
astounds me , hushes me
how deceptive you were
like that deciduous season
seemingly a spring
for , my folly i waited
for those hilarious moments of togetherness
and now i quashes those
prosaic marks of you from
my memory pages, which can
rejuvenate me forever
and i can see cluster of leaves
in the middlest autumn....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



closed eyes.....in night
i see you flickering
i feel the warmth
over phone when i hear your sighs...
it was all a day's time i fell for you..atlast
never say you love me
as i know you havent loved me so
i do not know how heart throbs while in love
but i know it pains
when love remains dejected...
so dont tell me you love me not
because i want to teach my heart
how to throb in love.....