Monday, February 23, 2009


Being wild, rough and lonely sometimes I managed to live

I then come across you

Nebula of calm you appeared to me

Obsessions were palliated there after for

You outstretched a hand of amity

Many blues turned pink and more colorful

You remained a back up through

Friend you were true and pure to me
resplendent colors and images you gifted me
In my hands that magic brings me back to life
ego and hate had no place to stay  in between us
nothing but affection rarely expressed spread
Dawns to Dusks and years to years you remain friend.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day : Sway this way!

By me for writing Often , not so but always relationships and lives around me were the commonly picked topics..So guess what? I cant write something other than that. When Iam trying to type , I feel my fingers are aching as this keyboard is not at all friendly to me any more..showing its protest or is it becoz of those suppressed feelings hesitate and resist to come out thru my fingers? dont know really. Today Its Valentine's Day..Though Indian youths started celebrating and taken advantage of this day in a very recent past. It's been years since Iam 18 , sad or lucky  to say no one had turned up with roses or with that sweet wink of eye to me to say the most beautiful words I consider in this world on Feb 14th. Whenever I was in relationships , that would have been started after this date or would end before this much awaited beautiful love date .It had passed and spent as a very ordinary day as usual. so ultimately I dint get a chance to love someone on this particular date. Thats my Valentine story. I have been writing letters and sometimes buying cards too for that someone special .  Truly speaking Differently and unusually I received a call on 5th of Feb , which brought a  tint of love along with it. I spent hours on my phone till 13th  as it mostly took me to some world , a world I Dreamt of and this year , today on  Valentine's  day instead of me falling into love , that 9 days old love died .
And ended in watching Award sweeper SlumDog Millionaire .Its Valentine's Day so you sway this way!!

Relationships Fascinates, scents , drives , scares and kills too..but again again we fall into it though we know about it. Love defeats magnets in power of attraction I bet you!