Tuesday, November 11, 2008


" so How is your married life"? I asked Indira My colleague , who had joined back after a two weeks leave for her mariage and honeymoon..she replied" First night it was exciting with him since his body smell was new and a feast to my nostrils , but sleeping with and smelling the same guy for two weeks is not much of a explanatory thing..but outrageous and damn boring..weeks are too much for me to be with 'one'..a day and night would be okay for one...she giggled..
showing me her honeymoon pictures on lapie..it was a feast with a tint of spice( Hope I need not explain)
I was speechless but was not taken aback since she is the same way alwayz.. hunting to quell eyes hunger atleast in the office..so great going Indira even after your marriage..I thought..
Next come her Query" Honey what are you doing this evening", (a soft pinch on my thighs too)
"Nothing special sweet heart ! but i dont prefer Married females now" I replied.
Her dark face ,long legs , tiny breasts and new perfume didnt amuse me at all.
Urges urges are unsatisfied needs..