Thursday, May 13, 2010


Scene : couple on the beach and the same old Roaring evening Sea

(sorry the word roaring cant be replaced with something delicate and tender to add more beauty to this beach scene . After all Iam gonna tell you how the love story ended.)

The girl Asked the guy clutching his hands, drawing it close to her bossom " How will I be able to see you if I lose my vision"
The guy , who was playing beech Volley with one hand using the roasted nuts , failing every time to bring the nuts close to his mouth , missed his next shot too when he heard her question.

He replied " Why you want to see me always , I dwell in your heart Baby " a smile of great relief spread on his face for he was content by giving a perfect reply .

But it lasted a few seconds only when she asked, releasing her hand and pushing him back at a time " So you are not worried about my vision ??"

Guy spread both his arms to hug her , but she made face at him , but coming more close to her feeling her sighs he said " honey , I meant to say I will become your vision "

With that finally he got to hug her too...

The camera was again focused on the sea ..the great sea was silent .

Ramla switched off the TV and Pinching her sleepy , tired Husband Hari asked "
Do you remember once you have said the same thing to me sitting and watching the sea like He said to her "

Hari grinned and seemed too helpless and said " Ramla , the love has just sprung in between them, on your TV show , that is why they are exchanging such dialogues "

" You mean to say the guy is fake like you Hari ?? No I dont think , that guy cant lie to her , cant fake emotions , I saw the real love in his eyes when he said those last lines " she replied aggressively.

He tried taming her by sitting close to her stretching his hands to catch her , disinterestedly she moved to the floor from the sofa and switched on the TV again.

Sitting stiff he babbled " When are these lovers gonna get married ?? So that finally Ramla will see their post marital episodes too "!! God please !
When he was busy praying for their marriage hoping for his peace too , Ramla was busy watching her next show .