Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sunday, September 7, 2008

How I fell ill and how I neeD Them !!

Today ,well got a reason to tell I was ill that, i spent whole day with a book. But its true that I was seriously down for last three days..Fever; sore throat; body ache - complete rest and on antibiotics with voice rest..(sigh).Symptoms were evident that Iam gonna be ill from Thursday on and I requested leave too , but the important training been scheduled on Thursday would have had got cancelled with out a substitute and I couldn't wait it to happen . Was very exhausted and voice didn't come out of my throat after 3 hours long presentation..hard and whole mess , but ables to manage. In the evening was completely down and this whole bloody fatigue pissed me off..inanimate in the bed ..I had put off the lamps and my room hushed in a pale shade..eyes had water rolling down my cheeks due to body heat..and my cold tablets failed the battle here was my friend sankee who lately could make out things went worsen with me..he took me to hospital the detailed examination followed by a warning 'complete voice rest one week' ( sounded horrible to me)!!! and injection on butts and he bought food and other stuff , reaching my flat I piled my tablets and capsules on the table and checked my purse but could only sigh..(yes let them run the hospital profitably) , sankee helped me to have my food and reminded on the medication ..thanx buddy your role is through..I lay down and scanned through my msgs and missed calls ..replied to the msgs and whole night I felt the need to be nursed or mothered , reason its simple when you feel you are lost ,broken, down , alone , agonized or unable to things then you would need those special hands to wrap up you and warm to the core of your body even piercing the bones, I believe this longing for someone special is a common gene in every human here I lay sick , alone and water flew from my eyes and the corporate presentation planned for next day really swiped my sleep away..But morning also my mobile messenger had delivered all those msgs seeking my health status and get well soon capsules..those msgs made me happy , felt Iam loved and I was too content to receive calls and msgs from my childhood friend whom I have not seen for last 13 years (Thanks to Orkut I found her there only)..Yes this is how we feel the need to be attended and cared , to be felt important ..I believe this is a tiny happiness that makes our lives live again and again to see each moment hopefully. Yes I need them...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Iam reminded about those kisses today...its not so often but today so accidentally ..I had a gala night today...though Iam so drunk and become a habit now was a hobby ...tonight the get together was in a sequestered and aesthetic resort having a close view of the cochin back waters..when the cool breeze blew on my face ..holding the the spilled glass I remembered you.

Nothing seems to be changed other than we being at the extremes of the sphere. Iam recklessly immersed in your thoughts and the different ways of admitting and confessing the love and then intimate touches and holding hands ,so deeply clutched ..Today you made me drink a lot..not you but each moment spent with you...I may say I forgot you and You are erased to be recreated again in my mind..but the truth remains so naked to me..If I have kissed your sweated neck..then I have loved you completely ..If I have kissed deep your lips then I tell you I have loved you completely ..If I have taken your hands and pressed against my heart then for sure I have loved you completely..and yes true If I have caressed your hair so passionately ..I loved you...You too had kissed me many times with out my consent..can I assume that you too loved me so intensively least for an hour or a second..I know its vain ..but tonight let me sleep thinking of those lips to lips , tongue to tongue meeting endless kisses...reminding me that we were in love once....

yes truly I need you tonight ..or every night? your are not my need for a night but ...for a whole lot nights yet to come..