Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ME and YOU

Seemingly a whisper  you said
Those enraptured secrets of your amiable life
Where enigmatically 
My murky moments lie and die 
As its one and only refugee
Like those decomposed leaves
deepen the earth.

Why the clang and rythm
of your words 
arrested my thoughts
Amazingly happened a change in me
and made melt all my desires
being secure in your arms

Like those tendrills 
I stretch my hands to you
My Krishna
What made you dispel me my Lord?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gifts and Misses of Life

Insecurity and solitude are the two things which I feel one need to be panicked about  in   life . Tonight when I was lying on my bed talking to my friend I felt it for the first time that I 'm dipping into little  circles of  solitude and Insecurity and I myself will enlarge it making it impossible for me to plea for a revival. I had taken up a decision to live alone long back then was confident with strong reasons backing my strength to think so and two best pals smiling on my left and right side when I turned my head I could only blindly see their smile and I was content and slept closing my eyelids so tight for going blind with them was well perfect for me.
Now when they have love spurting and spaces filled with ecstasy , I feel I ' m a stranger lost and abandoned  on a sea shore who could not enjoy the sea any more but rather its roaring felt scary. I'm shrunk into myself , making my world look more smaller than it was and only guest there is called silence which is noisy than the peal of a giant bell.
Life is an experience which is not the same experience for all , but it wraps different things differently for us and its more of sharing and giving  like we do share feelings , love , BED, care and all under the sky with the loved ones. When you don't have someone dear to love in a moonlit night , to hold and kiss in dark room , to hug and whisper in a winter ..then you missed  some rare gifts from life.
We learn lessons through out our life from mistakes we do , from experiences and of course from others . But the most relevant and crucial lesson should be that , that you cant survive with out love and care , should be loved and cared  and should love and care..what is life without these ..I know I learnt Friends and family cant be a substitute for someone special ... for I tell you having a vacant heart is more heavier than it is being occupied.