Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Page of my diary : 6 years back

This morning I found a diary which i have completed writing in year 2003 ..going through the written mind of mine ..I found you smelling the pages..
here is the page I have written on the same day 11-01-2003 , 6 years back..

Memories remind me your absence , If you were my past then why cant i stay with the present?
you were like that rainbowed sky once I saw , only once .. dying the sky in colours , oh how can i make it again?
I discern the erie fate that waits to lash , your absence , your absence make me lament, magnify the lurid pearls in my memory string..
I slept with my pillow , gripped it as one and only friend . How lonely I spent nights and whole seasons?
But you put hands on different shoulders , flirted here and there, perhaps kissed many lips, spent most splendid hours , yes I imagine it was so , I failed to fasten you with  what i had, but only entertained.
I never knew once you would leave , I never knew anything even the likes and dislikes of my mind and body
I was insensible and lorn , like the lotus dying outside the pond.
I failed forever to pace with time , you and world 
And only the fraction of my love grappled you often....

here the page ends... but a question troubles me now on 11-01-2009 , Iam asking" hey do you remember me ? if so then how often? do you feel the same for me?
Sometimes its tough to walk down the memory lane with ease , you may get hurt even after years!!