Thursday, June 9, 2011

Das Gluck - Verse


Your Absence is equalled to the
long walk on sun burnt earth
with out even a sigh of breeze !

Your view was pale and Vague through
my eyes.
but when the blobs touched my lips
I realized the clouds in my eyes had
melted into the June Monsoon
declaring the Intimacy I had for you


Have you seen Pearls on a String ?
My relation with you reminds me of that
A small thrust even could break it
But even it breaks it will only shower pearls ...

Use the whole blue skies
silver lines of this pouring rain ,
capture the whole air ..They fail to express how much
I want you
But I know how obvious is my heart's whisper
that How much I need you


I count every second and realize

I have not lived them

because your absence make them all die ..

when you are silent
your silence makes noise in my mind
Noise sharper than the clutter of swords
then it scribbles How I long to be with you


Moments , Happiness
Food or frolic
what ever is the gift wrapped
I tell its all vain with out you


Das Gluck stilled at 11.05 pm
Then It was a monsoon rain again
Pouring down heavily
Imprinting the given promises
And the promises remained still too
Unfolding the peak of Expectation .

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Shadow said...

Somebody is in love or what? :)